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Marketing Plan Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication | | | | | | |

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 3

2. Current Marketing Situation 4 2.1 Market Summary 4 2.2 Competition 6 2.3 Product Offering 7 2.4 SWOT Analysis 9 2.5 Critical Issues 10

3. Market Strategy 10 3.1 Misson 10 3.2 Marketing Objectives 13 3.3 Financial Objectives 13 3.4 Target Market 13 3.5 Positioning 15 3.6 Marketing Mix 15

4. Fiancials 18 4.1 Sales Forecast 18 4.2 Expense Forecast 20

5. Controls 21 5.1 Implementations 21 5.2 Contingency Plan 22

6. Conclusion 23 7. References 24 8. Appendixes 30

1. Executive Summary
In the following report, we are presenting the marketing strategy of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication.

Sony Ericsson, a limited liability joint venture between Sony Corporation and Telefonakiebolaget LM Ericsson, established in 2001 (Sony Ericsson 2010) and headquarter in London, United Kingdom. It is a global well-known top mobile phones manufacturer and has been in the industry for the past 10 years, offering a wide range of products and their main market emphasizes on mobile phones. It identify its targeted market through different segmentation such as demographic, psychographic and behavioral of its consumers and thus it manufactured series of mobile phones with unique designs and technology features that provide quality camera, music player, web application and entertainment functions (Global Data 2011).

Research draws attention to the fact that although Sony Ericsson is the leader in mobile manufacturing, it faces strong competition from rivals like Apple, Nokia and Samsung. Further investigation reveals that with the limitation of their technology Sony Ericsson has lost significant market shares and revenues.

In the past years, Sony Ericsson has been targeting segment ranges from...

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