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Simulation Analysis 1

Due Date: 18 April 2012 4:00pm, via Turnitin through myunihub only.


This Simulation Analysis consists of 7 tasks. You should complete tasks 1 to 6 before the start of the simulation. Tasks 7 can only be completed after you have made your first set of decisions.

The 7 tasks are:

Task 1: Market Attractiveness
Task 2: Business Position
Task 3: SWOT Analysis
Task 4: Strategy Assignment 1
Task 5: Competitor Analysis
Task 6: Strategy Assignment 2
Task 7: Decision 1

You must respond to all tasks, and referring to the simulation data and case when making your response.

You must use this word document as the template for submission. Make sure you complete your details on this page.

You must save the template for submission using the following convention:

For example, if you are firm A competing in industry 7 and your family name is Li, then the file name you will use to save this document will be:


Please complete the following information:
StratSim Industry: Car
StratSim Firm (A, B, C, D, E): Firm E

Student Number: M00387183

Family Name: CHENG

First Name: Xiabei

SA1 Task 1: Market Attractiveness

Select what your firm believes to be the top 3 markets in StratSim. How you choose to define the markets and what makes them attractive is up to you. Some definitions you might want to consider are segments, vehicles classes, and customers. Some measures of attractiveness might include units sold, market growth, potential margins, competitive intensity etc. Use the StratSim software / reports / case study for your analysis. List these 3 markets below and why you decided it was an attractive market opportunity. You need to do this before you make the first set of decisions. This task must not exceed this page.

Fictional Example: Value Seekers…...

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