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System Development Documentation
Submitted to the Faculty
Of the Department of Information Technology
Cavite State University Imus Campus
City of Imus, Cavite

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements in the subject,
ITEC 55A System Analysis and Design

October 2014


Rizaldy Ordoñez is born in December 30,1994(19yrs.old) in Bacoor,Cavite. He is 5’11’’. He graduated primary school in Gov.E.F Espiritu Elementary School. Seconday in Saint Mathew Academic School.In he is currently studying in Cavite State University-Imus Campus


Jonahleen Bringas is born in February 15, 1996(18yrs.old) in Quezon City. She graduated in Tibunan Elementary School and Secondary Imus National High School. She is currently studying in Cavite State University-Imus Campus


John Clint A. Barbado is born in 8th of July 1995(18yrs.old) live in Binakayan,Kawit Cavite .The Eldest Son of Eric Barbado and Giselle Barbado. He Graduated primary School in Quirino Elementary School in 2008 and Secondary in E.T.T.M.N.H.S in 2012.he is currently studying at Cavite State University-Imus Campus


First of all, the researcher would like to thank The Almighty God for establishing them to complete this thesis. The researcher would like also to express their sincere gratitude to Mr.George Torres owner of the water station and Prof. Zaldy Ronquillo for continuous support to the research, for his patience, motivation, enthusiasm and immense knowledge. His Guidance to the researcher at all time while making and developing system. Sincere thanks for all those who help to the researchers.



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