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Sabre Questions-Earned Value

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Earned Value Analysis is a snapshot of a project to help detect problems that might arise early in the progress. It is a standard method of measurement for a project’s progress at any time, while at the same time it forecast the final cost and completion date. It also plays a big part in analyzing the variances in the schedule and budget in the project to see if the project at the end will be cost less than, greater than or equal to the budgeted cost and if the project will be completed on time.
Husky currently has 4 phrases in their project which is the based on an organized Work Breakdown Structure. The Work Breakdown is the building block for planning project where all the work scope is broken down farther for planning, budgeting, scheduling, work authorization, cost accounting, management control, and progress measurement. At the point in time we should already completed phrase 4 as well as phrase 3 however, we can assumed that based on the spreadsheet that Husky show that the project is behind schedule because of the fact that part of phrase 3 has not been completed and phrase 4 did not even start yet since all the columns except for PV is currently blank. Earned Value Analysis has 3 keys fundamental values that is the most important in the budget cost of the measuring progress against the baseline. These three are the
1. Planned Value is the budgeted cost of the task as scheduled. Currently in the excel spreadsheet, there is the planned cost of the each tasks in each of the 4 phrases. The total planned cost of the project is $12,000 which is called the budget at completion. (BAC). This is used as the baseline cost up to the status date. Example: For Phrase 1 if each of the task took a week to complete then and we are only just into the third week then we would only used $1,100 of the planned budget cost since we just started the develop acceptance...

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