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Sacrifice In Shooting The Moon

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Military service is demanding on the mind and body. Americans are fortunate to have a voluntary participation in the armed forces. As the recent news continues to show, using the military is a decision that is given a lot of consideration by our national leaders. Sending of American troops abroad impacts all citizens. When watching “Carrier” directed by Mel Gibson and reading the novel Shooting the Moon by Frances O’Roark Dowell , military service is shown as a sacrifice for both families and servicemen and women; however, the sacrifice is more emotional for families and more physical for the soldiers. Serviceman and women make physical sacrifices, but due to their distractions emotional pain is not the immediate sacrifice. In “Carrier,” all the sailors have a new setting like the ship or sitting in a plane. The setting requires a lot of work and provides minimal time to feel the absence of family members. Similarly, in the novel, Shooting the Moon, T.J., the brother who serves in Vietnam, is fascinated and immersed in a new …show more content…
The physical environment of the families does not change. In “Carrier,” families are able to facetime parents from the same home to see their missing loved ones. The place is constant, but the serviceman is gone. The absence is emotional because there is less of a distraction like on the carrier. Consequently, there is more time to feel emotions like sadness and grief, anxiety. Although in the book facetime is not the method for communication, the mail heightens the emotional loss for Jamie, the main character. She shares, “I wish T.J. would write a real letter… I don’t even know if he got the pictures I developed for him“ (Dowell 69). Her sadness and frustration stems from her ability to focus on the mail. Her home environment is familiar and there are limited activities to distract her from the absence of her

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