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The mission of Haier is to innovate and become a leader in the industry. Under this umbrella, Haier has further designed a series of strategies to address the following two issues:
1. Lead by building a strong brand, centered on product quality and best of breed services.
2. Build a strong research and development capacity to boost Innovation to capture and meet the needs of customers,
Another important dimension of Haier’s mission and strategies is to build Haier into a global brand by internationalizing its R&D, manufacturing, distribution, services, etc.

Internationalization Strategies * Focused on difficult markets first-enter the difficult developed market first. This will allow Haier way to develop highest quality standards since the requirements in the developed market are very tough and not easy to meet. * Staff with locals who have worked multinational/top brand. Use local people and local thinking to satisfy the needs of the customers. * Utilized speed and differentiation approach. Haier paid close attention to consumer needs in overseas market and made modifications to meet them. Focuses on minor details (e.g. freezer with a separate compartment for ice scream). * Rapid product development which was facilitated by its eight design center * To manufacture quality products and sell it at a premium price * Offered what the developed market didn’t have.

Going Global- The EU Market Objectives
Given the fact that Europe is one of the most mature and developed markets in the world and having a foothold in the European market will mean not only a global recognition of the quality of Haier products and services, but also and more importantly, the brand recognition of Haier in one of the most fiercely contested markets.
Another advantage of establishing strong presence in the European market is that Europe...

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