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Safeco Field Case Study

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After reading the SAFECO Field project I think that the project manager did not do a good job on the preplanning of the project. This project was a huge task to take on for any project manager which, to me would have made more sense for the PM to establish a project team and begin working on a well-defined schedule. After reading the text book for this class the project lack the following:
• Stakeholder Identification
• Project Charter
• Risk Analysis
• Risk Response
• Estimated Time
• Estimated Budget
• Project Schedule
• Communications Plan The PM took on the project knowing what the deadline would be but fail to recognize all the risk involved but only a few. The PM and team would have to use a method called Fast Tracking to complete the project on time. Fast Tracking is a duration compression technique to shorten the project schedule usually to meet the target dates. (Wysocki 2009) Normally this will be done by overlapping or compressing some of the project phases. This will result in over-all shorter project schedule.
Most common method of Fast Tracking is to starting two or more tasks at the same time that were originally planned to start on different time schedule.
• It’s an option to keep the project on schedule
• Compresses/shortens the project schedule
• Allows meeting the client commitments
• Increases risk and potentially causes rework
As a PM, you might be frequently asked by the key stakeholders to do fast tracking the entire project. Stakeholders always focus on the target date. But as PM you must look into all aspects such as meeting the project objective, resources, quality apart from schedule. Thus you must focus on the health of the entire project and analyze to make a right decision. You should apply your negotiation skills to convince the key stakeholders with your proper…...

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