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SAIL (Management Trainee (Administration))

Job Description An Opportunity to join SAIL as Management Trainee (Technical) | or Management Trainee (Administration ) SAIL, a Maharatna Company, is the leading steel-making company in India with a turnover of Rs. 49,350 crore (FY 12-13). SAIL is in the process of modernizing and expanding its production units, raw material resources and other facilities to maintain its dominant position in the Indian steel market. To man front-line executive positions in its Plant/Units/Mines, SAIL invites applications for 650 posts of Management Trainee (Technical) and 60 posts of Management Trainee (Administration) in E-1 grade from young, energetic, result oriented and promising talent in the country.
Upper Age : 30 years as on 1.1.2014, i.e., not born earlier than 1.1.1984
Minimum Qualification : Management Trainee (Technical) | Degree in Engineering (full time) with 65% marks (average of all semesters), in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgy, Electronics, Instrumentation, Ceramics, Civil, Computer Science (IT), Mining or Chemical Engineering. For Computer Science discipline, MCA (3 years full time) with 65% marks ( average of all semesters) are also eligible. | Management Trainee (Administration) | For HR, Marketing and Materials : Bachelors’ degree in any discipline with 60% marks ( average of all subjects) with at least two years full time MBA/PG Diploma in Management with 60% marks in Human Resources/ Personnel Management & Industrial Relations/ Personnel Management/ Masters in Human Resources & Organizational Development for HR discipline,Marketing for Marketing discipline and Production/Operations/Materials/ Logistics/ Supply Chain Management. for Materials discipline. For Finance : CA/ICWA | For Management Trainee (Technical) posts, candidates having degree in...

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