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SAINT AMBROSE Saint Aurelius Ambrose lived from 330 – 4 April 397. He was the archbishop of Milan and one of the first original four doctors of the church. He was born into a Roman Catholic family. After his fathers untimely death, he decided to follow in his footsteps and study in Rome. He went from only having a small place in the council, to Govenor, and finally Bishop. He went from being a unbaptized layman to bishop in eight days. As bishop, he adopted a self-denying lifestyle he gave his money to the poor and donated all of his land, making only a home for his sister Marcellina. He had total control of the cultural and political life of his age.He stopped Arianism for as long as he could until the Arians became so strong he had only the choice to profess Arianism. He then tried to stop the building of two Arian churches Milan and warned young Christians against intermarriage with Jews. He also led the charge to the persecution of Paganism. Ambrose was the teacher who converted and baptized St. Augustine of Hippo, and was a model bishop who viewed the church as rising above the ruins of the Roman Empire. He composed multiple beautiful hymns. Ambrose’s position was not challenged even after death, he was a model for other bishops to follow. He always protected Christianity from other new methods trying to make their way in, such as the Pagans. He was suceeded by Simplician. His body can still be seen on display in the church of s. ambrogio in Milan, as one of the oldest existing bodies in the world outside of Egypt.
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