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Practice Questions

1. Self assessment tools can be useful in your career planning by

a. Helping you prepare a personal profile

2. In contrasts to formal tests, informal measures

a. Rely on subjective opinions

3. People who believe that rewards in life are generally outside their control

a. Have an external locus of control

4. Your career interests include your favorite kinds of work activities. Most of these interests

a. Will still be enjoyable after many years

5. Career interest assessments

a. Identify occupations or occupational groups that most likely match your interests

6. Recent research about life stages suggests that

a. Adults make dramatic changes in their personal lives and careers as their core values change

7. The works of John Holland and Carl Jung serve as the basis for two major career assessment approached related to

a. Personality

8. According to Duane Brown’s career model

a. People have different values because they have different experiences and opportunities

9. ESTP is an example of

a. Myers Briggs temperament type

10. Among the three most common types of measurement in a complete battery ability tests, you should expect to be tested on

a. Psychomotor abilities

11. The College Level Examination Program is an example of

a. Achievement measures

12. In assessing your skills it is important to remember that

a. You will accumulate a variety of new skills

13. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is said to be on the most widely used ____________ of its kind

a. Personality assessments

14. Historically, career assessment and evaluation have been used by

a. The military, schools, corporations, and individuals

15. One goal of...

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