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Evernote is a type of software that is designed to be used for note taking and archiving. It is considered as a personal search engine or an external brain in life which performs different things and fills a completely different need. The note can be from a piece of formatted text, an excerpt from a webpage, a photograph or anything taken down in notes. With Evernote, it is easier to remember big and small things from everyday life using your computer, phone and tablet.
How to use Evernote
Evernote can be used to store different type of content whether it is a simple text or an email or an excerpt from an article you want to remember. To have it stored in Evernote, you start it by creating your first note.
To get it started, you will click the “New Note” button located on the top of main Evernote window. By clicking, Evernote will create a new note which will show up itself on the screen. As the note appears, you can give the note any title you like, depending upon what are you looking to write for.
Now, simply click the main writing box of the note and start typing whatever you want to write in. It is very user friendly and with the options mentioned just above the writing box, you can change the style of text by simply changing the font, increasing or decreasing the size or by changing the color. You can also bold, italicize or underline the text in whatever way you want the text in.
One of the main feature of Evernote is, it automatically save and synchronize your note to the Evernote website and all your devices Evernote is installed in. Making it very easy for the people, for example, you make all the notes on your tablet or laptop for the next day in to do list, and you will be able to view it from your phone without making any effort.
Evernote used in Professional Learning Network
Evernote can be used in Professional Learning Network (PLN) to support...

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