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STEP 1: Identify the firm’s existing mission, vision, objectives and strategies.
Mission Statement: “Bring humanity Back to Air travel”. We exist to provide superior services at low cost.
Vision Statement:
SAFETY: We commit to "Safety First"; Comply with all Regulatory Agencies; Set and Maintain Consistently High Standard. Ensure the Security of Crewmembers and Customers; Never Compromise Safety.

CARING: Maintain Respectful Relationships with Crewmembers and Customers; Strive to be a Role Model at Work and in the Community; Embrace a Healthy Balance between Work and Family; Take Responsibility for Personal and Company Growth.

INTEGRITY: Demonstrate Honesty, Trust and Mutual Respect; Give the JetBlue Values a "Heartbeat"; Never Compromise the Values for Short-Term Results; Possess and Demonstrate Broad Business Knowledge; Commit to Self Improvement.

FUN: Exhibit a Sense of Humor and the Ability to Laugh at Self; Add Personality to the Customer Experience; Demonstrate and Create Enthusiasm for the Job; Seek to Convert a Negative Situation into a Positive Customer Experience; Create a Friendly Environment Where Taking Risks is Okay.

PASSION: Strive to Meet the Diverse Needs of Crewmembers and Customers; Champion Team Spirit; Crave and Deliver Superior Performance; Enjoy Overcoming Barriers to Good Service; Look for Innovative Solutions to Business Issues.
STEP 2: Develop vision and mission statements for the organization
Mission Statement:
Jet Blue’s mission is to be the leading low fare, low cost passenger airline offering high quality customer service to underserved markets and customers who are looking for the best value in their flights.
Vision Statement:
Jet Blue’s vision is to be best regional air transporter by providing low fare, low cost, enjoyable and safe flight experience to their passengers.

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