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Salary - Gender Issues

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Week 4 – Brief Papers
Mara Fisher
SOC 150
Indiana Wesleyan University
March 9, 2014

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Why I Think Women Are Paid Less From a functionalist perspective, financial inequality for women is a product of the traditional division in human societies. Men tend to take more instrumental (objectively rewarded) tasks such as wage earning and women attend to more expressive (subjectively rewarded) tasks such as those involved in child rearing. While both types of labor are functional for society's survival, the instrumental tasks, which the majority of are held by men, have always been more highly rewarded than the expressive tasks looked after by women. Men and women are taught these traditional roles and have tended to conform to their requirements. Functionalists point out that while gender roles and their accompanying inequalities have changed somewhat in industrialized societies, traditional arrangement remains in force in most societies. The persistence of the traditional division of labor, according to functionalist view, testifies to the usefulness for human societies. The perception of conflict theory denies the historically inevitability and necessity of the traditional division of labor between men and women. The arrangement may have been more functional in non-industrialized...

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