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Sales and Ethics

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Date: December 2, 2014
RE: Ethics and Sales Assignment

This memo concerns my ethics and sales assignment for ABM 222. In this memo I will discuss the importance of ethics in a sales role. I will also discuss when stretching the truth is acceptable or not and the different ways I would react to unethical practices.

• I believe that ethics can exist in a commission only bases sales position. Not only does business ethics exist in a commission based sales position, I think it is very important. The way a sales representative makes money is a commission-based position is through their sales. Without the customers purchasing from them, they have no income. Ethics is very important in this position because it is the foundation of a sales representatives income and professional career. Trust and fairness is a large part of this as well. If a customer can’t trust you, there is no reason that they will purchase a product from you. Even though you may work for a large corporation as a sales representative, you are the one that represents yourself and your brand. From FIM 210, I remember creating a brand called you statement and I hold myself to always honor that statement. By honoring my brand I am able to always be honest, respectful, and dependable with my customers in the future. The difference between reality and fluff comes with the honesty that a sales representative will have. By being honest with the customer they are able to provide the benefits a product can have as well as making sure the product is appropriate for a customer. Personally, I would rather lose one sale because my product is not appropriate for a customer than lose a customer because I promised something that I could not fully deliver. Without honesty in a relationship the sales representative will not gain customers trust, which in turn will not generate sales,...

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