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1. I can identify almost all type of variables that could affect performances reviewing the two interviews. The way the candidates describe their experience shows off that they have , even if in different views, a role perception about the job. Furthermore, opposite motivations and aptitude to the work are remarked through their expectancies and behavioral strategies.
They present skill levels depending on their carrier’s path . I think organizational (defining only the area) and the environmental factors relating to the job are missing.

2. In my opinion, Dag Wicklo (DW) has a better perception of the work is going to do because of his previous experience in this field as employee and his love for selling and speak with people. Katharine Bryant (KB) knows the specific technical language but she never work as sales in this particular field and maybe she doesn’t know or remember what does it means to work as employee instead of being an owner. For J.P. Reynolds I think a good variable for perception could be the accuracy in the way candidates see the job with all the pro and cons, so being experienced in this particular field matters.
Within motivations I can see again a remarkable will to make money from DW and but I could not for KB. She doesn’t feel stimulate to gain money and this could affect her performance as well. The company’s point of view on motivations has to be in line with maximization of the opportunities. DW seems more willing to try to exploit his balance with the company’s revenues while KB has a lack on this particular topic.
J.P.Reynolds on aptitude on my point of view seems indifferent, or better should be indifferent. The relevant traits needed for this particular jobs are covered by both candidates due to the not high-end or too complicated business. KB can cover with experience and friendly approach what DW could with her well-educated background.
Speaking properly about skill level I can say that the company has a major advantage because could train and supervise any candidate that could have an impairment in performing job activities but cannot teach innate abilities to anyone.

3.I f a were Raymond I will suggest Dag for many reasons.
First, I like the spirit this guy shows to engage in this sector, the will to make money, his natural inclination to create relationship and his love for selling.
He ‘s single and we don’t have to worry to eventually ask to work extra time. Moreover, his particular love for relationships could create a better environment for selling new other products to our customer base in the future. He is from the south so he also should know better the area where is going to work.
He’s fluent with more than one language and so he could approach also other communities where we used not to be in contact especially in Florida’s district.
I also like the way he describes his ability in solving problem.
What he is missing, is some kind of organizational skill, but this is what we could provide to him thanks to our training program, in order to give him better solutions anytime without any risk. We can teach him also for some technical background to exploit better our and his potential.
Last important point, very important, he does not have high education. We can aspect, indeed, he will work for us without leaving for a better position or asking for a promotion for a while. The outlook for him seems to be a long term engagement within this company.

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