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To become an effective, efficient and self motivated professional through continuous development and diverse experience in the dynamic area of engineering and administration.


Full Names : Mukangwa Locho Eddie

Date of Birth : 15th June, 1983

Nationality : Zambian

Marital Status : Single

Sex : Male

NRC : 308578/16/1

Postal Address : Private Bag 84 Woodlands Lusaka

Cell No : +260 977 626078

Email :


I have achieved experience and skills from research related activities. I have excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills. I am also goal oriented, a strong team player, disciplined and committed to achieving the desired results with minimum or no supervision at all. I am also sociable, a fast learner, and possess the ability to adapt and adjust to the changing working cultures and environments.



2007-2012 University of Zambia Bachelor of Mineral Sciences

1997-2001 St Pauls Secondary School G.C.E. Certificate



12 Months Universal Mining and Chemicals Industries Ltd Safety officer

6 Months Kansashi Mining Plc. Training officer

6 Months Mopani Copper Mines Plc Student Engineer


The University of Zambia;

• 2009—2012 Class Representative for Metallurgy Class

• 2011 – 2012 President of the University of Zambia Mineral society (UNZAMS)

- Chairing meetings and overall supervision

- Creating a link between UNZAMS and other associations and Mining companies

- Organising educational tours and presentations

- Leading and Analysing project proposals

- Assisting students with acadermic and financial problems

St. Pauls Secondary School;

• School Sports captain (Prefect)

• Vice President for the Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS)

• Vice President of the Debate club

• President for the Christian Life Community (CLC)

• School Entertainment Chairperson


Proffessional level (writen and spoken); English

Conversational level (speaking); Bemba, Nyanja, Mambwe


Excellent Computer application skills and package skills in Microsoft Office, Internet explorer, Microsoft Excel, Data base

Skilled in the following operating systems; Windows 98, Windows 2000, Linux, XP, Longhorn and Vista



✓ To Broaden my academic horizons in order to effectively and efficiently carry out my duties in the field of work I am involved in. ✓ To play a pivotal role in National development through research and exploitation of different leadership skills

✓ To strive to advance my academic qualifications to Post graduate level in relevant fields of study.

✓ To utilize the knowledge I have at my disposal to foster peace, development and hard work in my community and the world at large.


Listening to music, current affairs, research work, reading novels, travelling, making freinds, watching movies, watching soccer, organising and attending social gatherings, conferences and workshops, playing Football.


1. Mr. Aggrey chipulu Safety Manager

Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Limited

Kafue Steel Plant


Cell: (+260) 955894831

2. Dr. J. Masinja,

The Head of Department,

Department of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

The University of Zambia,

P.O.Box 32379,


Cell: (+260) 96947747

3. Mr. Isaac Chisi

Senior chemical engineer

Cobalt Plant,

Mopani Copper Mines,

Cell: (+260) 969 7384555 or (+260) 977 547204

4. Ms Monica Kalichini

Kansanshi mining plc


Cell: +260 977504611

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