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A Resource Guide for Sales Managers

A Resource Guide for Sales Managers

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of personally working with several great sales managers and
also seeing many examples of effective sales leadership in our client organizations. I’ve seen the impact that a
great sales manager can have on an organization, and I’ve also seen how quickly a corporate strategy can fall
apart without this vital leadership.
Sales management may be one of the most critical roles that influence the success of an organization. You
are closest to two important corporate assets: customers and the sales team. The impact of an effective sales
manager can be felt throughout an organization. Unfortunately, the same holds true for those whose attempts are
not meeting expectations.
It’s challenging. The responsibilities of this role are to execute against a defined strategy and produce results that
have been defined by executives who are often many levels above them.
But it is also rewarding. It is the sales manager who is both the coach and cheerleader for the revenue engine that
will determine if a company makes it to the finish line or falls short.
As you build tenure in a sales management role, you will also build a toolbox of resources to help you fulfill those
obligations. As the recognized global leader in delivering sales performance solutions, we’ve compiled this Sales
Management Guide to add to your personal toolbox. Whether you are new to your role or a seasoned professional
looking for new ideas, I invite you to review this guide for ideas that will help you exceed expectations.
A company’s success is largely defined by its revenue growth. In your role, you hold a tremendous amount
of responsibility for contributing to that success, and the true extent…...

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