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Unit 9: Final Project
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April 26, 2011

Final Project

Analytical Skill Building: My critical reading skills have improved immensely as a result of the work I have done in this class. At the beginning of this course, I felt I was pretty set in my beliefs. I have read what I needed to read to support my own ideas. By taking this class I am able to read information on views which are conflicting to mine and not be biased. I was able to read posts from classmates which were contradictory to my own and see the points they were trying to make. One example of where I feel my critical reading skills were improving was in reading the posts in Unit 6 which the discussion was about affirmative action. I have long had certain beliefs about this subject which were not for it at all. In reading in the text, I found the two words, reverse discrimination, which I felt would justify my stance. I have pretty much viewed this subject with blinders on since I first heard about it. After reading the posts by classmates and paying attention to what they had to say about it; my views shifted away from being biased towards affirmative action. I was able to read what they had posted and get a better understanding about the pros for affirmative action. Even though the group consensus for Unit 6 Case Study Issue B- Contemporary Discrimination was that Katie Sampson has the right to have the regents hear her proposal to have racial gender indicators eliminated from the admission policy; I was able to get a different point of view from those in our group who supported affirmative action. From carefully reading their postings, I could see the benefits of affirmative action for the minorities and women. I could also get from everyone’s posts that even if affirmative action remains; there are some things which need to be changed...

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