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Beauty salon
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A beauty salon or beauty parlor (beauty parlour) (or sometimes beauty shop) is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.[1] Other variations of this type of business include hair salons and spas.
There is a distinction between a beauty salon and ahair salon and although many small businesses do offer both sets of treatments; beauty salons provide more generalized services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, — even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and many other services.
Beauty treatments[edit]

Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin (including the application of beauty products) and for increasing mental well-being. Hair removal is offered at some beauty salons through treatments such aswaxing and threading. Some beauty salons style hair instead of going to a separate hair salon, and some also offer sun tanning. Other treatments of the face are known as facials. Specialized beauty salons known as nail salons offer treatments such asmanicures and pedicures for the nails. A manicure is a treatment for the hands, incorporating the fingernails and cuticles and often involving the application of nail polish, while a pedicure involves treatment of the feet, incorporating the toenails and the softening or removal of calluses.
Institut De Beauté or Spa salon[edit]
The term Institut De Beauté or Spa salon refers to a beauty center where professional skin care treatments like facials are offered by a licensed and trained esthetician. They extract and cleanse skin by using proper professional skin care products and equipment such as steamers, Galvanic and LED machines to achieve the best results. The process is known as beauty without a knife. Spa treatments are basically the same but using the word Spa instead of Institut De Beauté { Europe} aka beauty center. Treatments may include holistic therapy such as massage during the facials by utilizing natural massage {Lori's Techniques}. Reiki.
Beauty salons have proven to be a recession-proof industry in the United States. Although sales had declined from 2008 highs, they remain robust with long term positive forecast.[2]The market is distributed widely across America, with a concentration in the Northeast and Midwest. The US Labor Department estimates employment will increase the industry, in the United States will increase 20% between 2008–2014, with greatest employment growth from skin care specialists.[3]

2014 Market Research Report on Beauty Salons Industry

Current Research on the Beauty Salons Industry
Fast growing and prolific, the beauty salon industry is focusing on developing talent to grow a loyal customer base willing to spend on expanded products and services.

The industry felt declines during the economic downturn, but still remained one of the strongest performing within personal care. The industry is now even one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Barriers to entry to the industry are minimal, creating intense competition for the consumer spending dollars available. The main draw for beauty salons is the stylists they employ.

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