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Salsa Dancing

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Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing Orgins

Derived from the Spanish word for “sauce”, the dance is aptly named for the flavor or spicy technique upon which it actually centers upon. Salsa dancing has origin from Cuba where the blending of African drum rhythms and Spanish guitar evolved into a variety of Latin American music. Out of this music came the dances we know today as: Son, Danzon, the rhythms of Carnival, Cha, cha, cha, Mambo, Tango, and Salsa. Salsa is based on Cuban styles that had developed in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. In the ‘60s and ‘70s the salsa spread to other parts of Latin America like Colombia and Venezuela. Throughout the ‘70s, in an area in south-west Colombia called “Metropolis”, emerged as an important new center for salsa dance and music. This area was known as “the world salsa capital”.

Types of Salsa Dance

Salsa has been made into different forms of dance. I will briefly discuss the various types of dancing that available. Now, most of us have seen or maybe even experienced some form of Latin dance. The most popular and flashy of the salsa dancing is the L.A. Style. This form of Salsa is very flashy that uses dips and flips. L.A. Style is definitely great to watch, with the women being very sensual and the men tend do to a lot of jumps, flips and spins. Cuban Style is based of the rhythms of the music. It is also a non-partnered dance, which is optional. This style of dancing is also very male dominated because the men do more of the flashy dances than the women. The last dance that is awesome is the Colombian Salsa. The Colombian Salsa is danced differently throughout Colombia. This style of Salsa is calmer, closer, where both dancer’s bodies are almost touching one another.


In this essay, I provided a brief history of Salsa, and a few of the dance styles that are available today. Salsa dancing is a very appealing social dance that can be learned by anyone of all ages. The teachings of Salsa dancing are unique and vary but with enough practice a novice learner can be pick up these very rhythmic steps.


Bartch, Cathy (2013) History of Salsa Dancing

Hutchinson, Sydney (2004). "Mambo on 2: The birth of a new form of dance in New York City.” CENTRO Journal 16(2):109-137

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