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Entrepreneurship: Who, What, Why?


everything you can to learn all that you can, whenever you can; the result will be an enhanced capacity to recognize opportunities. Steps you can take to increase your own knowledge base: (Hint: What courses or special training you should consider taking? Jobs that give you experience and knowledge you don’t now have? Describe these and other steps here.) n opportunities you receive on a regular basis, the more likely you are to recognize opportunities as they emerge. You can build your ability to recognize opportunities by holding jobs that put you on ‘‘the cutting edge’’ (e.g., jobs in research and development or marketing), by building a large social network, and by having rich and diverse job—and life—experiences. Steps you can take to increase your access to knowledge: (Hint: Can you increase the breadth of your social network? Read a wider range of magazines, including ones related to your field? Describe these and other steps here.)


Organize your knowledge. Knowledge that is organized is much more useful than knowledge that is not. As you acquire new information, you should actively seek to relate it to what you know so that connections between existing and new information come clearly into focus. Information that is connected and organized in this manner is easier to remember—and to use—than information that it is not. Steps you can take to organize the knowledge that you have more systematically and logically: (Hint: When you learn something new, do you try to relate it to information and knowledge you already have? Describe this and other steps you can take here.)



Build your practical intelligence. Entrepreneurs are sometimes accused of being ‘‘dreamers’’— people who think so large that they lose touch with reality. In fact, this assumption is far from the truth. They are...

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