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Summary Assignment
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Summary Assignment

Theme: Health.
Topic: Bullying.
Title: Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says: Sometimes a stomachache or headache can be a cry for help. Brenda Goodman warns the parents and the teachers that frequent and unexplained physical complaints in kids may be due to bullying.
Intended audience: The intended audience is primarily the parents of the school-aged children, and the teachers. However, on a broader outlook, all the concerned healthcare professionals, researchers, and the psychologists and psychiatrists may be considered as part of this audience.
Writer’s background: Brenda Goodman has a master’ degree in science, and environmental reporting. She is a prominent freelancer in the healthcare field.
Writer’s angle: Tormenting at schools, recently, has turned into a significant sympathy toward the folks of the school-matured kids. It causes mental issues in children, as well as, physical issues, as well, as indicated by this study. Goodman has urged the folks and the educators, too, to discover sufficient time to watch, watch, and converse with influenced kids to see whether anything is awry. She expresses that the successive and unexplained physical side effects may be a cautioning indication of tormenting, and ought to be appropriately researched.

Part 1: The one-sentence summary Goodman (2013), a recognized Atlanta based health awareness consultant, urges all the folks of school-matured youngsters, and the educators to take out time to watch the children for anything unordinary, particularly physical protests to abstain from setting off to the school and change in their temperament at school; as these can conceivably be the cautioning indications of harassing.
Part 2: The one-paragraph summary Goodman (2013), a distinguished Atlanta based healthcare freelancer, warns the…...

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