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Work experience/internships/placements are becoming increasingly popular with graduates/school leavers. Having a work experience can land graduates their “Ideal” job by helping them differentiate themselves from other candidates. It is difficult to take sides on whether young adults should opt to take an internships or a placement because they are evidences stating exploitation by employers whereas there are also some statistics that have demonstrated the benefit of doing an internship or a placement.
An intern who is able to impress during his brief stint in the company can be rewarded with a permanent contract. It has been found in investment banking industry in the UK that people who have some form of work experience can quickly leap ahead of other candidates and are more likely to be reemployed by the company (roughly 60% retention rate). Work experience helps candidates frame supporting examples for their soft skills- something which is increasingly referred to during a competency based interview. Hence, it can be beneficial for young adults to transition into a working environment.
Therefore, while there are arguments that discuss the negatives of young people entering into the world of work, the advantages gained from having a permanent contract and skills and knowledge picked up could more than compensate them. It is on the balance of arguments agreed that it is advantageous for young adults to opt for work experience. However, in the future increase in vacancies in school leavers programmes would be needed, especially when students are faced with rising tuition...

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