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I. Summary of the Project
B. Beside Arellano University Pasig
C. A combination of a sandwich restaurant and a classic bar where students from the university can eat and at the same time have fun whenever they want.
1. The idea of the business came about when I, the entrepreneur, felt the want to eat a sandwich but wasn’t able to find a decent one.
2. The nature of the business is food restaurant and at the same time a bar.
3. Sole Entrepreneurship

5. A. Leonardo Anthony Isiah O. Eleazar
a. Owner and manager of the business
b. Graduate of B.S in Business Administration La Salle University
B. Mark Ilagan
a. Graduate of B.S. in Business Administration Far Eastern University
C. Jerome Tobilla
a. Graduate of Culinary Arts Central Colleges of the Philippines
D. Amer Nasife
a. Graduate of HRM University of the East
E. Honesimo Pamo Jr.
a. Graduate of HR Arellano University
F. Jefferson Gonzales
a. Graduate of Financial Management San Beda College

II. Economic Aspects
A. Market Study
* Target customers would be the students of the university.
* Services offered would be: different flavors, styles of sandwiches, a night bar where college students can go for partying or special celebrations.
* Yes, there is a good demand for our business.
* The sandwiches would have a higher demand because it’s delicious ad it’s for all ages.
* Our sandwiches have different flavors inspired from different countries around the world. Having a bar at the same time is unique.
* There are no competitors in the area. Our business has an advantage.
* Our sandwiches and other products are set at a very reasonable price which the students can afford.
B. Competitive Position
1. Price of the sandwiches range from 50-300;
Drinks range from 25-200;( ice tea, milk shake, fruit…...