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MGMT 307 Sample Final Exam

1. ___________ describes how dependable and responsible a person is.
A. Emotional stability
B. Conscientiousness
C. Extroversion
D. Locus of control
E. Self-efficacy

2. Meg is very relaxed and secure. Meg is probably high in
A. emotional stability.
B. conscientiousness.
C. extroversion.
D. agreeableness.
E. openness to experience.

3. The statement, "My boss doesn't know how to do his job," reflects the __________ component of an attitude.
A. behavioral
B. decisional
C. cognitive
D. affective
E. value

4. Bethany is writing a paper for her management class. She already has a strong 'A' in the class, and only needs to get a C on the paper to keep her A. As she prepares the final version of the paper, she takes special care that the paper is well-written, insightful, and error-free, something that she can be proud of. Bethany is experiencing
A. an intrinsic reward.
B. high equity.
C. a belongingness need.
D. a hygiene factor.
E. a high need for affiliation.

5. The need that is met by providing autonomy and control to employees over how they do their jobs is
A. self-actualization.
B. esteem.
C. love.
D. safety.
E. physiological.

6. A manager wants to improve how her employees' belongingness or love needs are met. To do so, she could
A. give public recognition for good job performance.
B. hire a guard for the parking lot.
C. send employees to a training class.
D. redesign individual jobs into teams.
E. allow employees flextime.

7. Which of the following is the best way to manage virtual teams?
A. When beginning with a virtual team, set the final deadline and reprimand and virtual team members who don't make the deadline.
B. Because you don't have face-to-face contact, it is best to relay instructions via phone.
C. Require each team member to keep their own…...