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Sample Journal on “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings: A Tale for Children.” By Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Being introduced to a foreign tale like this doesn’t occur to me often. After learning a little more about Gabriel Marquez life and beliefs, the story became comprehensible. In the beginning of the story the Gabriel Marquez describes the setting of where the couple lives. The weather and elements reflected the struggles of Pelayo and Elisenda lives. When Pelayo and Elisenda noticed the very old man there is no doubt that they were being tested by faith. As the story goes on and they receive advice from the wise neighborhood woman to kill him, they merely perform a kind act by housing him in the chicken coop. This showed how the couple neither thought of him as a respected human being, and put him in a place for animals. Once their child recovered miraculously in such a short time and they discovered that they can showcase him to the public for profit, they soon realized this old man can bring prosperity into their lives. Even though his presence attracted a swarm of people who wanted his blessings, he did not acknowledge their presence. I believe no one understood what he would try say because they did not care. The people only wanted to hear reassurance for their own comfort and not his. When the character Farther Gonzaga was introduced to the story, Gabriel Marquez highlighted the fact that before he became a priest, he used to be a robust woodcutter; such a huge leap between the two different careers. It is as if Gabriel Marquez is implying how ridiculous it is that the people are relaying on someone who doesn’t practice what he preaches. As soon as the Spider Woman came along and was able to answer questions, the old man’s reputation dwindled. Since the onlookers understood the language she spoke they showed her pity. The angel in the end did perform miracles for the couple so quickly they did not realize how remarkable it was; from the child overcoming his illness, to more money, and a new house. Gabriel Marquez moral of the story is that faith is so corrupted we wouldn’t notice one of God’s angels even if they were in front of us.

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