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Sample Persuasive Message


Sample Persuasive Message

The Internet has created many choices for consumers to shop within the privacy of their own home. The world of e-tailing has many competitors, striving to make a sale each and every time a consumer visits their website. In order to persuade the consumer to purchase a product, a business must effectively communicate the message about their product to the consumer. The primary purpose of a persuasive message is to have the receiver read or listen to the entire message and then take the “requested” action at the end of the message. E-tailers must be able to duplicate over the internet the same “shopping” experience a consumer would have if the interaction were face-to-face. As consumers, we like to know what we're buying. In the brick- and-mortar buying context, we can use all five senses when distinguishing between items and exercising our preferences (Lindstrom, 2001).

The electronic retail market has rapidly emerged on the internet. Electronic retailing, also called e-tailing, involves the selling of goods and services via the internet. E-tailing allows the consumer to make purchases without any restrictions on time and distance. Understanding consumers’ behaviors enables e-tailers to influence the consumer’s decision-making process, which will hopefully persuade the consumer to make a purchase. Finding and retaining customers is a major critical success factor for most business both online and offline (A Managerial Perspective, 2008).

There are many behaviors associated with consumers in the e- tailing process. Three inherent behaviors discussed in A Managerial Perspective, within the E- commerce Consumer Behavior Model are: the decision process, seller-customer-relationship building, and customer service. E-tailers must be able to grab the consumer’s attention and keep it long enough for...

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