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Time Hole Posted: Friday, August 17, 2012 Role to be read: Betty Demographic: Female, Teens (15-19) [BETTY] FEMALE, TEENS (15-19). A LITTLE NERDY. LOVES THE INTERNET AND OBSESSIVELY POSTS ON HER VIDEO BLOG. SCENE SET-UP: WHILE ON A TOUR OF THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER AT THE CERN HEADQUARTERS WITH HER FAMILY, BETTY FELL INTO A “TIME HOLE” AND WAS SENT BACK MILLIONS OF YEARS. AS AN AVID VIDEO BLOGGER, SHE DECIDES TO CAPTURE EVERYTHING USING HER SMART PHONE. PLEASE BEGIN BY SAYING YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA. THEN TURN TO YOUR RIGHT, THEN LEFT. THEN BEGIN YOUR SCENE. BETTY (Out of breath) Hey guys, this is going to sound crazy but I’m ... lost ... I'm .... lost ... in a time hole. Just a few minutes ago I was looking at the Hadron Collider with my family. I wandered away from the group, fell into a hole in the ground and now I’m ... I don’t know where I am. Its like a big jungle. I ran into a venus fly trap the size of a Prius. After that what I can only assume is a Pterodactyl chased me into this cave. It was ... it was definitely a Pterodactyl. Ugh, why didn’t I get a picture. This video would get SO many hits if I got a picture. Wait ... I’m a million years in the past. I could change the future if I wanted to. I could invent the smart phone. I could invent the internet! All I need to do is find a way back to CERN. (Hears footsteps) Hey! I think someone is coming to rescue me! Help! I fell into a time hole! Help! Wait. Never mind. Its the Pterodactyl again. Seeya!

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