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After watching the movie “Anywhere but here”. Many questions slipped through my mind, like Why should parents pass they dreams to their children? How is it like to become a single parent? How to handle a teenager who demands for her independence? How can a mom handle to responsibilities at the same time? And how to raise a child ensuring that her love is passed down to her daughter? This experiences and family situations are considered problems by most of us, but for me it is the stepping stone on every beautiful bond that can be shared by every family member.

“The part dealing with the effects of family size and birth order” – Review of Child development research, On the movie Ann’s family is an extended one, but her true father wasn’t with them who ran after a one night stand with her mom. Now how does family size affect Ann? At first she was with the once that she loved most, but after going to Beverly Hills, she was just with her mom which I think Is a big change for Ann and also a great challenge, the birth order was also considered but on Ann’s situation she was the only child of her mom Adele, that’s why I think . Her mom wants her to become an actress, like giving the best shot on the last bullet; she wants Ann to have a good life because Ann is her one and only pride and joy.

But it’s not only Ann who is pressured by this dream but also her mom Adele, “Every Family has some explicit division of labor and responsibilities between husband and wife” also from the same book which was mentioned earlier. A big pressure is also on the shoulders of Adele, considering the fact, that she does the responsibility of a mom and also a dad, trying to give nurturance and love while working for Ann’s studies.

Little fights between the mother and daughter happened on the movie because of all misunderstandings.”Children of any age wants Independence” –Living and…...