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BLUE BOOK SERVICES 845 E. GENEVA ROAD CAROL STREAM, IL 60188 Phone 630 668-3500 FAX 630 668-0303 Email Web Site

Business Report on Santos Produce of America, Inc. *SAMPLE*
Information available through 7/01/2014

© Blue Book Services, Inc. This COMPLETE BUSINESS REPORT is provided to the subscriber under the terms of the Membership Agreement and is IN CONFIDENCE, for the subscriber’s exclusive use, without recourse and without guarantee of correctness. Trade experience information may include disputed items, skipped invoices or other extenuating circumstances.

This SAMPLE Business Report mimics the Blue Book Business Report. The Guest Reports show a sub-set of this report depending upon the level of report purchased (Blue Book Scores and Equifax information are available only to Members). BB #987654 Santos Produce of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 12345

Laredo, TX 78041 USA 2876 Waterfall Dr. Dallas, TX 75201 Phone: 956 555-9878 Fax: 956 555-1619

Credit Snapshot: Current HQ Rating: Current Blue Book Score: Last Financial Statement Date: Net Worth: Avg Integrity/Ability (‘X’) Reports:
(past 6 months)

2500M XXXX A 868 12/31/2013 $8,670,144 3.99 (Industry Avg: 3.43)
(scale: 1=poor, 4=excellent)

Business Snapshot: Incorporation Date: Incorporated In: PACA License Number:

March 6, 1986 Texas 123456

Business Ownership: Richard L. Santos, President, 55.00% Michael R. Santos, Vice President/CFO, 45.00%

Current HQ Rating: 2500M XXXX A
(unchanged since 01/08/2014)

Trading Member since 2006

HQ Rating Trend: Date: New Rating: 01/08/2014 2500M XXXX A 07/12/2010 2000M XXXX B

Current Rating Definitions: 2500M = $2,500,000 est’d credit worth XXXX = Excellent A= 11 - 14 days on average

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