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Ladies and gentleman, I the PO SRC will be giving you an overview of all the student activities that the SRC provides to develop management, social and leadership skills. In this fast evolving, globally competitive age these skills are quite essential for each individual in regard to whichever career paths you might opt for. Therefore, SRC is not just a department but a partner in student character enhancement.
There are 16 registered clubs and societies operating under Student Resource Centre. Each club is controlled by the SRC and has a chief coordinator, under her/him is a deputy coordinator, team leaders are made according to needs who report to the deputy coordinator. The more prominent clubs being:
The Literary & Debates Club:
The literary and debates club is one of the most renowned and well acknowledged clubs in Bahria University. The team comprises of unique and dedicated individuals with a taste for literature and debating activities. These activities include in various national and international debate competitions. The members of the club have participated in various MUN’s nationally as well.
Arts & Dramatics Club:
This being one of the most active clubs of Bahria University helps satisfy creative needs with numerous activities and competitions that would challenge each individual’s abilities. Competitions such as PAINTISTAN, Drama Fest and fashion shows etc have been all generally been abetted by the A & D club.
Media Club:
Media club has the ability to bring together individuals who wish to work with all forms of print and electronic media. Amateur photographers, journalists, publishers come together and gain experience and exposure from covering events. Moreover, it deals with media coverage inside the university, publishing of magazines, short films and other TV and movie making related activities. This club also enjoys arranging movie nights for the University.
Events Club:
Events Club provides activities and entertainment, to relax and take a break from their hectic routines of student life. Informational, entertaining and social activities are arranged throughout the semester including trips, concerts, seminars, freshmen nights etc.
Music Society:
The Bahria University music society aims to bring forth all the talented musicians and has done wonders in regard to this endeavor. Furthermore, it provides first hand entertainment through musical sagas, gigs and musical performances.
Community Support Program:
The Community Support program came together after the completion of 40 hours of community work became mandatory for all undergraduates registered from 2006.
“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”
Keeping the above mission statement in mind, Bahria University has initiated a “Community Support Program” in order to instill a spirit of service in its students. Bahria University has been collaborating with different Government and Non-Government Organizations since the commencement of CSP. It deals with the involvement of students in different activities that help in facilitating the deprived ones, generating a sense of responsibility amongst the youth of Pakistan towards their community. Students have worked with many NGOs to accomplish this goal, which include Sahil, Behbud, Women Aid Trust, Community Development Council, WWF, Green volunteers being some of the many few.

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