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Study on consumer of Larissa Aesthetic Center, Malang



2.1.1 Purchase Decision

Purchase decision is one part of the consumer behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumers who buy goods and services for personal consumption. Every day consumers determine the various purchase options. Most of the large companies investigate consumer purchase decisions are so detailed to discover what consumers buy, where they buy , how and how much they buy , when they buy and why they buy. Marketing people can learn to do the actual purchase of consumers, but to investigate the causes of their buying behavior is not easy. The answer is often stored deep in the heads of consumers ( Kotler and Armstrong , 2001:195 ). Studying consumer behavior will provide guidance for the development of new products, product features, pricing, channel marketing, advertising messages and other marketing mix elements . The starting point for understanding the buyer behavior is stimulus response. Marketing and environmental stimuli began to enter the consciousness of buyers. Characteristics of buyers and decision process poses a particular purchase decision. The task of the marketer is to understand what happens in buyers awareness ranging from the stimulation from the outside to the emergence of a buyer purchasing decisions.

According to Basu and T. Hani Handoko Swastha ( 1997:13 ) , there are five roles in the decision-making process. These five roles are:
1. Initiator, ie individuals who have initiative purchase a particular item or have a need / desire but do not have the authority to do it yourself.
2. Influencers, individuals who used effects that the decision to buy either…...

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