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Samsung Corporate Strategy

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Strategy More: Samsung Innovation Strategy Apple
Samsung Has A Totally Different Strategy From Apple, And It's Working Great
Just a few years ago Samsung was struggling to catch up in the smartphone market.
Now it makes more of them than anybody else and has Apple on the back foot, in addition to being the world's largest technology company by revenue.
The heavily hyped launch of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone is the latest step as it tries to overtake Apple, and they've gone all out with a massive screen and impressive new features.
Here are some of the core pillars of Samsung's strategy.
The ultimate fast follower
Samsung is better than anybody else at learning from its competitors. "A market reader is sort of the classic fast follower," explains Barry Jaruzelski, senior partner at Booz&Co and the co-author of the Global Innovation 1000. "It doesn't mean they ignore their customers, but they're very attuned to what competitors are doing and what other people are bringing to market first and observing what seems to be gaining traction, then very rapidly coming up with their own version of that innovation."
Samsung's aggression has gotten it into trouble in the past, losing a high profile case to Apple for imitating its design. But the reputation hit and the fine were a small price to pay.
The company pivots and produces quickly, coming out with a variety of devices. It sees what the market responds to, pushes successes, and kills failures. And now, rather than just providing a cheaper and lesser iPhone, it's differentiated itself with larger screens, different features, successful marketing, and delivering what consumers want.
The Note is a perfect example. The company found through market research that Asian-language speakers in particular wanted a device that they could hand-write on, because drawing characters is...

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