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Samsung Family Hub Fridge Essay


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Samsung Family Hub Fridge:

What is the Samsung Family Hub Fridge?

The Samsung Smart Fridge is a newly designed fridge by the well known Appliance company Samsung. This is a new look on fridges and how they can be incorporated more usefully into our everyday life. The new fridge has many fantastic features including cameras inside it to show you when shopping the items you have in your fridge and also a built in screen on the door which can display information and photos.

What is the target market?

The target market for the new fridge is adults, most likely ones who have hectic and busy lives as well as families who have children. These kinds of people are the target market because they may always be on the run and very busy, which the fridge has been designed to help with.

Advantages of the Family Hub Fridge:

There are many adavntages to the Smart Fridge inlcuding the 3 cameras installed in the fridge which can send photos of what is in it to your phone. This could be very conveniant when shopping and you see an item that you aren’t sure whether you have or not. The fridge will send you a photo of what is inside so you can be sure to buy the product or not.
Another advantage of the fridge is that it can display a calendar on the 21.5 inch LCD screen. This could come in handy for many people because if they don’t have much time the calendar will be able to show them what they have coming up when they are getting food out of the fridge.

Disadvantages to the Family Hub Fridge:

Although the fridge has many advantages to it, it also has a couple of disadvantages. If you want this fridge you chould be certain you want it as it comes with quite a hefty price tag at around $8000 whereas a normal fridge will cost about $2000. The price has been off putting for many customers.

One thing I would change:

One thing I would change about the Family Hub Fridge is I would make it more available to people who may not have a smartphone and avaialbe to iPhones.

Things that stop people from missusing the fridge:

Making sure they have a knowledge of how to use the technology

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