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Samsung Porter's 5 Forces

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Samsung Group of companies was found in 1938 and major leading company to provide financial and manufacturing services. Since 1980 it has made vast development in semiconductor and electronics industry. Samsung has made remarkable growth in net profits since last two decades. This is regarded as the ways of Samsung conducts the business and strategic INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is the pillars of the entire business at Samsung. For a long period relationships between corporate strategy and information systems; Top management of the firms were not much interested. Information management systems are to be thought as same to corporate data processing and support the daily routine functions (Rockart, 1979). Information management systems based on computer based response to any type of interaction whether at transaction level and supply levels etc. Although Samsung is a much consolidated company but it requires more strategic development planning system to identify more future projects to compete its sister companies in the world. Shipping of products and the best use of strategic information management can enhance the capabilities of the managers to identify the achievable targets of selling of new products of fashionable mobiles by installing the new information management systems. Supply Chain Operations need more development to improve Samsung’s global business operations.


The main objective of the Samsung company is to provide better technology. Samsung should apply such strategies which are worth gaining and company should make such decision which satisfy the stake holders. Management of the Samsung must takes strategic decisions to become important player in the Phone Industry. All units within Samsung are responsible to CEO. The CEO of the Samsung is setting a separate unit to start up and meeting...

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