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* TABLE OF CONTENTS1.1 Acknowledgment1.2 Introduction1.3 SWOT Analysis1.4 Segmentation strategy1.5 Market Targeting1.6 Positioning Strategy1.7 Product strategy1.8 Price strategy1.9 Value chain strategy1.10 Promotion strategy1.11 Financial status1.12 Recommendation to management1.13 Attachments of Samsung Products

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* INTRODUCTIONSamsung Electronics is a South Korean multinationalelectronics and information technologycompany headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.It is the flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group. With assembly plants and sales networks in 61countries across the world, Samsung has approximately 160,000 employees.In 2009, the company took the position of the world’s biggest IT maker by surpassing the previousleader Hewlett-Packard.Its sales revenue in the areas of LCD and LED displays and memory chips is number one in theworld.In the TV segment, Samsung’s market position is dominant. For the five years since 2006, thecompany has been in the top spot in terms of the number of TVs sold, which is expected to continuein 2010 and beyond.In the global LCD panel market, the company has kept the leading position for…...