San Jose Mine Collapse

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San Esteban Primera Mining Company, San Jose Mine Collapse
This letter was handed to this representative standing before you by the CEO from the San Jose mine of the San Esteban Mining Company. This letter is being hand delivered so that you can be assured that no misconstrued or misleading information is obtained other than the facts I am presenting you at this time. I the CEO from the San Jose Mine of the San Esteban Mining Company am saddened to say with the utmost respect for the consideration of the direct families of the workers of the San Jose Mine, that there has been a major accident involving one or more of your family members employed by the San Jose mine on this August 5th of 2010. I regret to admit that I do not know all of the specific facts of the accident or the extent of any injuries if any at this time. I as the on-site CEO of the San Jose mine can assure you that any and all efforts and any necessary procedures are being taken to ensure that the safety and well-being of all the workers involved in the tragic matter are correctly informed in this sensitive situation. I do have a list of all workers that were working in the section of the mine at the time of the collapse. The welfare of these workers is unknown at this time. These men are trapped in a new section of the mine some 2,300 feet below the surface. I would like that all family members of these trapped workers come to the site for support. I have sectioned of an area at ground zero, this is to ensure without haste that any and all new information that is obtained is immediately given to the families. The off duty workers of the mine are being notified via e-mail, mail, and in person and being asked to help in any and all efforts for the safe recovery of all the trapped workers. I cannot express enough severity of this situation. Therefore I ask that any information on this matter not be…...