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Study Skills Questionnaire Name ________________________________ Date________________

To gain a better understanding of yourself as a learner, it is helpful to identify the study skills you use. You can determine if your study skills need a boost or if they are fine just the way there are now. This informal inventory is a short and quick tool for assessing your study skills. This is not a test, so please ask for assistance when/where you feel you need it. Answer each question as honestly as you can. There are 30 questions. Directions: 1. Read each statement and think about it. 2. Place an X in the column that best describes your current level as it relates to the study statement. Example…. Reading Text Books 1. I browse headings, pictures, chapter questions, and summaries before I read a chapter. Rarely Sometimes X Often

If this statement happens to be true some of the time for you, then place an X as shown in the appropriate column (which is “sometimes”). At the end of the questionnaire, you will have a chance to self-score the results. Give it a try! Remember…Applying what you learn from this questionnaire is the real key. For more information about study skills, contact the


Room #1655 or or 303.914.6317 Please note: Handout content adapted from the University of Central Florida’s Student Academic Resource Center

Reading Text Books 1. I browse the headings, pictures, chapter questions and summaries before I start reading a chapter. 2. I make questions from a chapter before, during, and after reading it. 3. I try to get the meaning of new words as I see them for the first time. 4. I look for familiar concepts as well as ideas that spark my interest as I read. 5. I look for the main ideas as I read. Taking Notes 6. I take notes as I read my text books. 7. I take notes during class lectures. 8. I rewrite...

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