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Sands Corp


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To : OCAD Students

From : Danesh Gojer


Case : Sands Corporation

Class : Friday November 20, 2015

Assignment : You are the Vice President of Manufacturing, Sands Corporation reporting directly to the President of the company. You are to write a full report on the present predicament facing the company. The report will be read and used by the President of the company.

Deadline : 5 PM on Sunday, November 22, 2015 in a soft copy format to the following address Please send the copy in both a doc or docx format as well as a PDF format.

Groups : This assigment is to be done in groups. However no group is to have more than four members. Please include all the names of the group members in the submission.

Guidelines for submission

1) Word limit

Word limit for your report: 1,200 (Exclude from the count any exhibits).

Penalty for exceeding the word limit: one sub-grade if the total number of words is between 1,201 and 1,300; one full grade if the number of words is more than 1,300.

Please write down at the end of the assignment the number of words you have used in the body of the assignment. Any verbal tables (as opposed to predominantly quantitative tables) and footnotes (other than references) that you use in the body of the report should be counted. If you use any text boxes in the body of the report, please count the words in them separately and add it to the total number of words quoted. Any attempt to cheat will be treated severely.

2) Late submission penalty
Late submissions attract a

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