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Santa Fe

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Keely Jane Melton
12 March, 2015
Personal Statement My main interests in this discipline are simple: to become a better and greater actress. I’ve harbored the passion for acting ever since I was a young girl, so when the opportunity arose for me to further my abilities and better myself became apparent, I was over the moon. I want to become as well-rounded of an actress as I can be; in musicals, in straight plays, and in film. While I admired acting as a young child, it wasn’t until middle school when I got involved. With a stroke of bravery, I decided to audition for the middle school one act play. To my surprise, I made it, and I was bitten by the acting bug. Ever since then, with my first show being The Imaginary Invalid by Moliére and my latest show being Don Nigro’s Maelstrom between a five year period, I’ve devoted my entire high school career, and summers, to the shows in my little town. As for one acts, I’ve done A Midsummer Nights Dream, Alice In Wonderland, The Imaginary Invalid, and Maelstrom. Outside of one act I’ve done CATS, Southern Hospitality, and Shrek. Outside of high school, I’ve done musicals with our local Shining Star Productions studio, headed by Amanda Brandenburg. These include Peter Pan, Steel Magnolias, Aladdin, White Christmas and The Wizard of Oz. For college, I’m hoping to take the skills taught to me by my directors and expound upon them— like I said previously, to become a better, well rounded actress. This profession is something I want to do my entire life, I know that. It’s something that I never want to stop learning about, something that I want to take to a high school, maybe, so I can be as special to other kids as my high school director was to me. Dawn Doyle-Jones, who, to my sadness, retired at the end of last year after over a decade of teaching, was and is my very inspiration for what I do. She was...

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