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Santa's Secret

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Santa’s Secret
Beata Balla
Florida Institute of Technology

Secret Santa is a game that many people played growing up and some still play among friends, family, and in the workplace. This paper explains the secret Santa game and more importantly reveals true personalities, values, and behaviors of others in a group like setting. The purpose of this game is to essentially discover how far people will go to find out whom the secret Santa is in each group and how beneficial or worthy the rewards are for those individuals who go to great lengths to either manipulate each other or stay true to other team members. Individual personality differences are highlighted and explained as the game unfolds and teams are evaluated for their ability to stay faithful to their team members.

Santa’s Secret Purpose of the Secret Santa Game
I work in a hospital where we have holiday gatherings and parties every year. Nurses and other healthcare professionals traditionally take part in the secret Santa game and buy gifts for each other. Because the holidays are quickly approaching, I decided to devise a game based on the prisoner’s dilemma called Santa’s secret. There are four individuals in each team with a total of three teams, one for each shift-morning, evening, and night shift. One person from each team is the designated “secret Santa” in which their role is to think of a gift to buy for the other team. The members of a team all know who their own secret Santa is but do not know who the secret Santa is on other teams. My manager will be the outsider and will decide who the secret Santa will be for each team and later evaluate the teams. I will give each team rules that they have to abide by and will also be assigning rewards/punishments based on the final outcomes of the game. Each team will have exactly one week to find out who the secret Santa is on other teams. Rewards and Punishments
There are three possible rewards and two possible punishments for the teams. The first reward goes to the team in which their secret Santa remained a secret and the other teams were not able to find out who the person was. This team receives a holiday party during the shift that they work (morning, evening, or night shift). The second reward goes to the team that was able to find out the secret Santa from one of the teams but not the other. This team receives a holiday party during their shift as well as a holiday off of their choice. The third and final reward will go to the team that was able to find out who the secret Santa’s were on both teams and they would receive 2 holidays off of their choice in the upcoming year as well as four gift cards (one for each member) to a restaurant of their choice valued at $25 each. There are also two punishments given to the team(s) in which their secret Santa did not remain a secret. The first punishment states that the losing team has to work an extra holiday of the winning team’s choice in the upcoming year. The second punishment goes to the individual who was caught giving up their secret Santa (giving clues to other teams). This punishment includes forfeiting holiday overtime for two holidays worked in the upcoming year. Punishments are included along with rewards to make this game more interesting and really evaluate individual personalities. Game Rules
Each team is allowed to go to other teams and bribe them or offer gifts to give up their secret Santa. They are allowed to ask for clues and do whatever it takes to find out who the secret Santa is on the other teams. Members of the morning shift try to bribe the evening shift to give up who their Santa is and vice versa. Night shift team members do the same with the morning and evening shifts. Basically, everyone is allowed to go to any other team to try and bribe them with gifts or other incentives to make the other team spill their secret. Every member has freedom of choice and freedom of speech in this game, they can choose to accept bribes and give clues to other teams at their own risk. They can also choose to remain quiet and not disclose any information if they do not want to. Evaluations
After one week of bribing, influencing, and trying to get other teams to give up their secret Santa, the winners and losers are decided. Each team reports to the manager with their final opinions and decisions about who they believe the secret Santa is on other teams. The morning shift is the winner of the first reward because none of the other teams found out their Santa, thus, they receive a holiday party for their shift. The winner of the second prize goes to the evening shift because they were able to find out the secret Santa of the night shift. The winner of the third and greatest prize was also the morning shift because they were able to guess both evening shift’s and night shift secret Santa; they win the two holidays off and the gift cards (along with the holiday party already won because no one was able to guess who their Santa was). Furthermore, even though the evening shift was technically supposed to receive a holiday party and a holiday off for guessing a secret Santa, they forfeit their holiday off because the morning shift was able to find out who their secret Santa was. After evaluating who the winners of the game were, the losers were also assessed. The night shift was the losing team because they were not able to guess anyone’s Santa and they have to work an extra holiday (that the morning shift chooses) in the upcoming year and do not win any parties or other gifts. One member of the night shift was also caught giving up their Santa to the morning shift, and thus has to forfeit holiday overtime for two holidays in the upcoming year. Moreover, one of the members of the evening shift saw this night shift member accepting a gift from the morning shift to give up their Santa. Personality Assessments Reflecting in Participants’ Behaviors
The morning shift was the clear winner of the most prizes because they stayed true to each other but were not afraid to go to other teams and bribe them to find out their secret. The morning shift decided that they were not going to accept any gifts from other teams because they wanted to win the game. Furthermore, to win the game, they were also not afraid to manipulate and influence other teams to give up their own Santa as well as other teams’ secrets. The morning shift was the most aggressive because they were not afraid to influence other teams to spill their secrets. They were also fair to their own teammates because they were not going to betray each other for any means.
The evening shift was somewhat equalitarian and aggressive because they did not reveal their secrets to every team that bribed them, just to one team (morning shift) because the incentive was great, thus they were willing to take the risk of giving up night shift’s Santa (after discovering who that person was) for an incentive. They figured if they were not going to be the big winners, they might as well enjoy the incentive. Some members of the evening shift were more aggressive than others, thus the reason for the morning shift finding out the most secrets.
The night shift was the most introspective because although they wanted to win the game, they ended up losing in the end because they were not good at keeping their secrets and were also not good at bribing other teams to give up their own secrets. They spent too much time thinking on which strategies to utilize and were not assertive enough like the other two teams. Members of this team take time out to think about how they want to proceed before actually making any quick decisions. However, in the end, this way of thinking although good in most situations, did not work for them and they ended up losing and have to work a holiday in the upcoming year. There was one person from the night shift that was trying to be assertive but this person ended up getting caught and spilling the secret for her team and thus forfeiting overtime pay for two holidays that she will have to work next year.
Perceptions of Ourselves and Others
The way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us can be totally different or it can be quite similar. The assessments (in the textbook) break up individuals into four categories: fair, assertive, equalitarian, and introspective. I believe that although I scored myself to be more introspective, I am fair as well. I was in the morning shift team and most of the morning shift team members are more assertive than I am. However, I too can be assertive at times, but not in all circumstances. I believe that my perception of myself in this situation is similar to how others perceive me. I am perceived to be quieter and introverted than other people I work with. Others can also perceive us differently if they do not know us too well and if we act differently around others than we would around our family and friends. Some perceptions can be misleading if certain individuals disguise their true personalities around other people.
Informal Roles during the Game
Some participants were more aggressive and manipulating than they were in real life. The rewards and punishments played a significant role in determining individual actions and behaviors. For some people, the rewards were enough to become very competitive but for others, the rewards or punishments did not influence their decision making and strategy when playing the game. Some participants chose not to betray their team members while others did because the incentives were worth more to them. This is not to say that these people are dishonest and untrustworthy in real life, the game might have just gotten the best of them because they really wanted to compete with others. The informal roles of the participants were similar during the planning of the game and playing the game because people still behaved the way that they thought was going to give them an advantage in the end. Some people knew from the beginning that they were not going to betray their own team while others were planning on betraying others just to get ahead in the game.
What did I learn about myself? I learned that in given situations such as this secret Santa game, I acted the way I would have in any other situation. I am not really a competitive person and try not to betray others just because there are prizes or incentives involved. I could have acted differently like the rest of my team and bribed others into giving up their secrets but even for the purposes of the game, I felt that manipulating people is not really worth it in the end. I also felt that other teams made me somewhat anxious because I did not want to betray my own team members for incentives and felt pressured to give clues. What I learned about Someone Else in the Exercise I learned that other teams acted in different ways that were negative and positive in ways. The evening shift team gave clues to the morning shift team for incentives and betrayed the night shift team. Some team members just remained quiet and did not help other teams find out who each other’s secret Santa was. Thus, they felt like I did, they were not going to betray their own team or others to help another team. I also learned that many people behave differently in game like situations because they have a different mentality when playing because they believe that no one is meant to get hurt or betrayed and it is all for fun. I too think this is true to an extent but I still would not betray people just for a couple of prizes. Strategies that Increase Cooperative Behaviors To increase cooperative behaviors, I would have somehow convinced everyone to keep their secret Santa a secret and not disclose any information to other teams, no matter how small or great the incentives were for giving clues. This way no one would know who each other’s Santa was and no one would receive any punishments, and everyone would receive at least the holiday party reward. This would have been hard for some teams to do because of the competitive nature that some people have when it comes to playing games. On the other hand, if I would have had everyone tell others who their Santa was, everyone would still essentially win a reward and a punishment because they told each other who the secret Santa was for each team. Key Factors Involved in Gaining Cooperation from People in a Business Setting Some key factors involved in gaining cooperation from people in a business like setting include honesty, team work, and rewards/punishments at times. Honesty is important in gaining the cooperation of others because without honesty, groups of people cannot work together without getting into arguments and conflicts. Team work is also important because other team members have to be able to depend on each other and work together toward a common goal. Rewards and punishments are also necessary in certain situations where there is little motivation to complete a task that is undesirable or in situations where time is of importance. These key factors as well as effective communication are necessary in gaining cooperation from people in a business setting. Furthermore, effective communication allows for others to voice their ideas and opinions to each other and allows for discussion among team members. Cooperation from a Difficult Co-worker There are some people in the hospital where I work that I would categorize as “difficult” co-workers. In order to gain cooperation from a difficult co-worker, I would first try to talk to the person rationally and explain the advantages over the disadvantages in cooperating with others. I would try not to raise my voice or belittle the person because this would just make the person more unwilling to cooperate. Instead, I would talk to him/her in a calm and collected manner and encourage other people to talk to the person as well to try and convince him/her to cooperate. I would also utilize the manager’s help in getting the person to cooperate because the manager has greater authority than employees and the person might listen to the manager better. I would also want to know reasons the person does not want to cooperate and try to help the person fix or at least get past these reasons for the benefit of the team. I work with nursing assistants on a daily basis and there are a couple of them that do not want to pull their own weight and assist nurses when they are stressed or too busy. This behavior makes me frustrated at times because it is no fair that they can get away with not doing their work while others work until they are burned out. I would like to sit down with these individuals and truly assess the reasons behind their lack of motivation and cooperation with others on the unit. I would also like to help them with this problem and encourage them to do their work because it is more beneficial to work as a team than as individuals. Furthermore, I would like them to realize that no one is against them and everyone is working not for themselves, but for the benefit of the patients.

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...Nicholette Marbley November 1 2013 Professor Whetstone Essay 2 Using humorous figures for an anti-bullying campaign wont work because no one will take it seriously At one point in our lives we have had our disagreements with friends. It might have gone as far as getting kicked out of a group. Its not fun being left out. Any form of bullying is not fun. Bullying has been around for ages. As longs as its been around you would have thought there would be a cure for it. If no one likes mean people, why are people so mean? Do we only pretend not to like mean people? This problem has escalated over the years, and has become more prevalent with todays technology. An example of this is seen in the scene of the movie Carrie. Carrie was a religious girl who was sheltered from wordly things. She did not know what her period was. She was taking a shower in the schools locker room when it happned. She ran over to the other girls screaming and crying. They then began to throw tampons at her. The leader of the group then began to record it and put it on youtube. The video was labled Bloody Mary. This resulted in the girl being banned from prom. On prom night she swiched the ballots so it looked liked Carrie and another boy were king and queen. When Carrie took her position on stage they poured pigs blood on her from a bucket hanging above her. They then started to play the video. Carrie took out her embarrassment and anger through her telekinesis. She then killed most......

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Moral Issues

...Thinking on Moral Issues Abstract Many times in your life you will be faced with daily challenges and moral issues with family, friends and work. If someone told you a secret, for instance, would you promise to keep it safe, even if it meant endangering their life? Should we go against our own belief in our career and keep someone alive at all costs, no matter what their physical or mental condition is? I remember being a kid and running around telling secrets and when it got back to me it was blown way out of proportion. Those were the good days. We have grown up and things have changed but what hasn’t changed is we still have secrets in our life. There are so many reasons why we keep and pass around our secrets. Secrets can and usually do cause pain and suffering – that is why they are called secrets. One person most likely doesn’t want the secret out for one reason or another and then they allow someone close to them into their “trust field” and that person becomes vulnerable. Can you keep a secret? I will tell you the truth, I can’t. I am tell-a-phone, tell-a-graph, tell-a-Trina. If you want something to stay private … Do Not Tell Me! With my new leadership role, I had to learn to be more private. I already had several friends in the department and stepping into management was hard. I learned so much about many of my co-workers. Honoring trust didn’t require......

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...What is a secret? A secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Secrets can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. Secrets should only be confided in someone you know and can trust.The secret I had , had the biggest impact on my life . It almost killed me. It was a cold rainy Friday night and all my friends were over. It was my famous sleepover that i had every three months . Everyone knows what goes on at sleepovers. We talk about boys , we share secrets , and watch scary movies! First we watch a couple of scary movies. Then we talked about boys and who we had crushes on . Finally it was time to share secrets! That was best part of the night! We all sat in a circle and started talking about our secrets. It was my friend, Crystal's turn . She had seem distant the whole night . It was almost like she was nervous about something and didn't want to talk. Before she told us her secret she made us promise not to tell anyone her secret so everyone promised. I was anxious to hear what her secret was because she like to keep secrets. She was scared to talk about it at first , but then she begin her story. Crystal's secret was that she killed her dad . I had a disturbed look on my face and my other friends were shocked. We asked her to go into detail and she told us how it happen . After she finished her story all of us looked puzzled. That night we decided to keep that secret between us . A few months later Crystal's and her...

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Truthful Lies: America’s Imbalance

...WR 121 Essay 1: Diagnostic Words: 778 Truthful Lies: America’s Imbalance In the real world, statements are made, without regard for consequences. Is it possible to “unsay” something? To take it back? Rudyard Kipling said it best, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” As a child, I played a game called gossip. It was usually at a slumber party and required all the participants to sit in a circle. The first person would whisper a secret to the person beside them. That person then whispered the secret to the person beside them, but told it in their own words. The last person in the circle was to announce the secret, as they heard it. I was always astonished, not only by how much the story had changed, but by how excited the participants were to tell it. My grandmother used to say, “Be careful what you say, because once the words are out, you can’t take them back.” Although she was nobody famous, she had a firm grasp on the impact words could have on a person’s life. When I think of a drug, I think of something that changes a person, either physically, mentally, or both. Think about how you feel when you hear, or read something about another person. Your reaction is based on many things. Suppose you are a person, with little means, who struggles every day. One day you hear that someone who is not only famous, but wealthy has lost all their money. You don’t even know this person, but those words have somehow made you feel......

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