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Introduction : Global Available To Promise
(GATP) in APO supports online searches to determine if requested products are available at specific times in quantities that satisfy customer demand. GATP processes are run via SAP live Cache, which processes large volumes of data and enables data sharing across several applications. GATP meets the challenge of providing availability information across a global enterprise. The concept of available to promise (ATP) used in Sales and Distribution (SD) module in SAP R/3 provides check capabilities that deliver results for basic business scenarios. More complex scenarios, however, require more robust capabilities to make delivery commitments that are in line with the real-world demands. In short, global scenarios require global solutions. Global ATP — or GATP — takes advantage of SAP APO technology and picks up where the SAP R/3 ATP solution leaves off.

Following are the functionalities using GATP allows you to answer questions related to promising products to your customers. GATP quickly makes information available to provide real-time optimized decision support. It offers the functionality to perform availability checks which consist of online searches that determine if requested products are available at requested times in the quantities that satisfy customer demand. GATP can be used for Sales Order, Scheduling Agreement, Delivery, stock transfer orders and production orders (for their input components).
GATP Methods can be classified into three areas:
Basic methods and their combination (product check, product allocation, and check against forecast)
Rules-based ATP (RBA)
ATP integrated with production
You can combine several GATP methods to provide more advanced capabilities.

Product Check
A basic product availability check generates positive results if the so-called ATP quantity for a product is available on...

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