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Sar Swimmer

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1. What line is used as a swimmer/ survivor’s tending line? 300 yards of yellow polypropylene, 800 pounds. 2. What is the SAR Manual? 3-50-1. 3. What is the Opnavinst for ORM? 3500.39. 4. When lines are used on Double bitts. Figure eights reduce the rope strength by what percent? 25%. 5. What is the breaking strength in pounds for a 5 3/8 aramid moring line? 180,000lb. 6. What holds the plate couplings together on c-shaped link? Taper pin. 7. Sail needles are numbered how? The higher the #, the smaller the needle. 8. What is the minimum number of wire rope clips required for a 1” 6x19 wire? 5 9. Which of the following aramid line size is equivalent to 8” double-braided nylon? 5 3/8. 10. What Amphib ship is the principal ship employed to support vertical assault (helicopter) ship to shore movement? LPH. 11. What is the Boat Paddle size for Boat, crafts, + Assault Vehicles?4 by 10 in. 12. How many feet should the minimum lenth of the yard whip be if you are rigging the yard boom with a double purchase?250 FT. 13. What Amphibious ship combines the abilities of other 3 amphibious ships? 14. Landing craft assembly circle when a assembly circle from PORT + STBD one each out of the 3 to wave- forming circles where is it located? How far from the ship? How far from each other? Wave forming circles are on the bow. From 50 to 200 yards from the bow of the ship. Its only 2 wave forming circles spaced a 100 yards + the circles are wider....

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