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According to Sartre we as humans are more aware of what we are aware of, so we are not whatever we are aware of. One can't be defined as our intentional choices of consciousness or our past. For example one were now a teacher but wished and started to switch careers to become a nurse. One is who one is not (a nurse), not who one is (a teacher): it can only define itself negatively, as "what it is not," but at the same time this is the only positive definition one can make of "what it is." We as humans are aware that we have the freedom to choose but this is a decision made possible by our own free will and freedom. "Bad faith" is the paradoxical free decision to deny to ourselves this inescapable freedom.
As humans we are consciously aware of who we are and aware of what we are. However "Bad faith" offers the free decision to deny ourselves of this freedom. Sartre cites a café waiter, whose movements and conversation are a little too keenly. He is eager to please and he carries the food solidly and impressively, "his movement is quick and forward, a little too precise, a little too rapid". His exaggerated behavior demonstrates that he is acting as a waiter, and as though his purpose in life is to simply be a waiter. He is obviously acting that lie and is aware that he is not just a waiter, but is rather consciously deceiving himself as a waiter. Sartre believes that this is "bad faith."

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