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Description of SAS (Mission/Vision statement)
SAS is the largest airline company in Scandinavia and the 9th largest in Europe. The airline company was founded in 1946 and in 1954 they operated the first trans-polar route.
SAS is owned 50 % by the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian states and private shareholders own the other 50%. They have global network with Star Alliance, which allows them have worldwide networking in 1160 destinations and in more than 180 countries.
Nowadays they still concentrate on the Scandinavian market and their mission is to provide the best value for the customers’ money and time. They realize more than 1008 daily departures, flying to more than 30 countries and to 127 destinations all over the world. SAS are well known for their punctuality, safety and for taking good care of their customers.
Their main target groups are business people but they also have leisure customers. And for the most loyal ones they created a loyalty card, which gives a lot of benefits.
One of their main strategies used is the 4 Excellence, including commercial, sales, operational and people excellence. The first three factors are concentrated on the customer needs, values and willingness to pay for the service they offer. And the last one is for the treat and potential of the employees.
SAS has simplified centralized-staff structure and this creates a short decision-making and centralized production management. Every certain period of time they propose goals that they have to achieve so that they never get stuck and lose their competitive advantages. Some examples of their goals are: satisfaction of the employees, annual cost reduction and reduction of emissions. They are concerned about the environment and they show this by publishing annual environmental reports, reducing…...