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Son of Satan

1. The main character in the story is a young boy who is 11 years old. The boy and 2 other boys have

formed a group, and the main character is the leader of this group. He is younger than the two

other boys, and is trying to be tougher than he really is. Peer pressure is a big part of his life; he is

being pressured by his father as well as the other two boys. He has a reputation and he has to be

tough even though he does not want to be mean. This can be seen through the whole story,

because he has second thoughts about bullying Simpson, he knows it is wrong, but he does not do

anything about it.

The main character is a very insecure boy with low self-confidence and his father is violent against

him. The low self-esteem is reflected in his behaviour and he is a mad and aggressive young man.

2. People often associate peer pressure with something bad, but it does not always have to be like

that. I will in this essay discuss the pros and cons of peer pressure.

Peer pressure can be a bad thing in cases where children bully on other kids. Children can be really

mean to each other and they would sometimes do anything to be a part of a group. This can later

on traumatize the victim and give them a hard life.

On the other hand peer pressure can be a really good thing for instance when people are trying to

quit smoking. It is easier to achieve something when you stick together and do it as a group.

But although it can be a good thing you have to avoid peer pressure, because it can cause a lot of

problems. Often you know what is right and wrong but when you are exposed to peer pressure you

do not always know when you have crossed your own boundaries.

To sum up: Peer pressure can be a really bad thing when you do not choose it by yourself, but

when you do it, it can be a really good, then you can achieve your goal a lot easier but mostly it will

cause you a lot of problems.

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