Satellite vs. Cable Television

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Satellite and cable television are becoming increasingly popular in many homes. Both of these technologies are allowing their viewers to watch their favorite network shows and sports events with ease. Though cable allows one to do this, satellite differs from cable greatly. The three main differences are picture quality, channel selection, and the monthly payment.
Satellite television differs from cable because of the different types of methods used to transmit signals in order to have a better picture quality. Instead of using radio signals, cable television delivers signals by a house-to-house method using a conductive wire called a coaxial wire. Satellite television picture is better than cable’s picture quality because most cable companies use a technique called video compression. Satellite television use over-the-air signals that are generally better than compression because of the limited distance video compression can reach. Bad weather can temporarily make a satellite picture quality fade, but this is really the negative aspect of satellite’s picture quality. Satellite television also requires a dish and a receiver. The satellite dish is a special kind of antenna designed to focus on a specific broadcast source. The receiver, on the other hand, is box that connects to the satellite antenna and decodes information coming from the satellite dish into video and audio signals. High-definition television is also becoming very common with satellite and cable television. Unlike satellite television, cable television high-definition television is limited to a few a select areas. In order to accommodate these large demands for HDTV, satellite retailers like Dish Network have expanded their bandwidth capabilities. DIRECTV will soon be able to offer over fifteen hundred HDTV channels.
Channel selection, for most individuals is a key factor in choosing satellite or…...