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Satisfaction Survey Study

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Satisfaction Survey Study
The Satisfaction Survey Study was performed due to the very low number of respondents that had submitted satisfaction surveys during the previous year and to see what the expected number of responses should be in comparison with our peers.
From January to June, 100 patient satisfaction surveys were placed throughout our facility advising patients to take one. These surveys had return envelopes attached to them, without paid postage. One designated individual was responsible for maintaining these surveys so as we could determine the number of surveys that were taken. The surveys that were placed in our office were printed on gray paper. Goal
The goals of this study are to receive a comparable percentage of patient satisfaction survey responses in comparison with our facilities.
A 30% to 35% response rate is satisfactory according to a study, “Survey Response Rates and Overall Patient Satisfaction Scores,” published in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality 2003 Jul-Sept. And the Patient Survey Website June 2011 Article “What Does Patient Response Mean?”. Results
At the end of the 6 month period, January to June, there were 71 surveys remaining of the original 100 placed throughout our facility by which we determined that 39 surveys had been taken. We received only 6 surveys back during this time period. This is a response rate of 15% which is 20% lower than our benchmarks. In attempts to increase the number of patient satisfaction survey responses we are getting, beginning in June, we will have our “Patient Satisfaction Survey” available on our website for patients to print out and mail it back in. We will re-evaluate our response rate at the end of the year to determine if our website is going to be a useful tool in obtaining additional patient feedback. Surveys will also remain available to patients throughout our facility. We will continue to assess our patient satisfaction of our services and make changes where necessary to ensure high quality care.

The Satisfaction Survey Study was performed due to the very low number of respondents that had submitted satisfaction surveys during the previous year and to see what the expected number of responses should be in comparison with our peers. In attempts to increase the number of responses received, the Satisfaction survey was made available on our website to allow patients to print off the surveys and complete at their leisure.
From January to June, 100 patient satisfaction surveys were placed throughout our facility advising patients to take one. These surveys had return envelopes attached to them, without paid postage. One designated individual responsible for maintaining these surveys so as we could determine the number of surveys that were taken. The surveys that were placed in our office were printed on gray paper. Additionally, in June, patient satisfaction surveys were made available on our website for patients to print out, complete and mail back in. The surveys that were placed in our office were printed on gray paper and any surveys printed off the internet would most likely be printed on white paper to assist us in differentiating the two sources. Goal
The goals of this study is to receive a higher percentage of patient satisfaction surveys the second half of this year in comparison to the first half of the year in attempts to meet or exceed those faculties with which we benchmarked. Results
At the end of the second 6 month period, July to December, there were 46 surveys remaining of the original 100 placed throughout our facility by which we determined that only 15 surveys had been taken during this second 6 month period as compared to 39 taken during the first half.
We received only 4 surveys back during this time period. This is a response rate of 27%.
3 of the surveys were printed on white paper indicating they had been printed off our website, the remaining 1 survey returned was on gray paper indicating it had been picked up here at our facility.

We have not seen any increase in responses by making our Patient Satisfaction survey available on our website. While these methods of distributing Patient Satisfaction Surveys is more cost efficient, it is not effective. We will evaluate cost of contracting with a 3rd party to conduct our patient satisfaction surveys. A restudy will be performed once a decision is made on the best avenue to perform these surveys.

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