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Satrapi Final Exam

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Faced with death, war and major insecurities, Satrapi’s childhood presents itself in a manner like none other. Marjie grows up in a family of left-wing intellectuals who suffered under the reign of the Shah and his dictatorship and later the triumphant Islamic revolutionaries. We see through the first half of the book that the viewpoint is that of a young girl trying to make sense of the difficult world around her, whereas in the second half of the book, we are looking through the eyes of a young adult trying to make sense of who she really is. The political history that dominates the history of Iran includes depictions of war, torture and execution. Marjie’s faith is something that is seemingly important throughout every season of her life. Throughout her trying girlhood, she takes an impetuous stand and declares in the beginning that she will become a prophet. She shows depictions of an elderly face that is a representation of how she sees God and lets us in on some of the conversations that take place between them. She goes on to depict two figures, Marx and Descartes, and she seems to favor Marx a bit more. We also notice that in her drawings and visions, her depictions of God and Marx are extremely similar with long, flowing, white beards. As a young girl in school, it became obligatory for girls to wear the veil. The young girls do not like this and at this time do not understand the need to wear it. They complain about how hot it is and openly play with them – jumping rope and throwing them away. They even playfully mock different events from the Revolution. These acts are just the beginning of her rebellious side. She also becomes lost for a while in punk rock by artists such as Kim Wilde and the Iron Maidens. We find that after obtaining certain restricted items from her parents’ trip, she heads out in public with Nike tennis shoes, a denim jacket and a...

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