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Save Vocational Education in High Schools

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ENG 1060 – English
16 November 2011

Save Vocational Education Vocational programs at the high school level are an excellent way to provide fresh young minds with skills that cannot be achieved through academic courses alone. It is a solid foundation for young adults entering the work force in today’s economy. “A technical education is crucial in this day and age, equally so to some students as academic offerings are to others”(Tech Ed n. pag)., allowing them to pursue a career after high school whether they decide to further their education or not as stated by one news journalist; “…not every student wants to, or even should go to college. A sound technical track on the high school level can give students the skills to make a good living while providing an attractive pool of workers to draw new business.” (Tech Ed n. pag). Vocational programs must remain in place in America’s high schools and not be closed due to budget cuts or lack of interest as they are necessary to provide students with occupational and life skills. Vocational learning has often been depicted as a way of avoiding the monotony of traditional academics. This is not the case; by incorporating the programs directly with the high school, technical classes are taken in conjunction with core academics. Courses such as technical education, business and accounting, and many other classes are great ways for students to begin learning what it will be like to work in a professional environment when they leave high school. Wood working, metal shop, auto mechanics, and culinary classes provide valuable skills and for some students create enough interest to deter them from dropping out of school. Students who might otherwise turn to troublesome situations or drop out of school find purpose in participating in these programs. The courses provide hands on, real time learning experiences for...

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